New Oil



Recommended raw, on simple and not very elaborate dishes such as soups and raw vegetables, or on the classic bruschetta, to fully enjoy its lively taste.

The emotion of tasting the fruit of a year’s work

Bottled as soon as it comes out of the mill, to maintain all its brightness and organoleptic properties, the new oil is dense and smells of freshly pressed olives and fresh grass. It stands out on the table for its green and aromatic notes and for its slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste, which underlines its genuine authenticity.

With a full character and a lively and intense taste, Olio Nuovo is the first extra virgin olive oil of the season.

Annata 2020

Technical data sheet


Cultivar: Primitive varieties, Pendolino, Leccino, Frantoio
Harvest: Very early October
Etraction: Cold
Acidity: 0,29
Peroxides: 7,5
Colour: Intense green
Taste: Balanced – Artichoke aftertaste
Scent: Intense – Fruity green
Use: Raw on bruschetta or grilled meat
Perfect pairings: Bruschette, legume soup