From our olive groves, the most
authentic value of our land

A range of sensory experiences for every dish and every palate, suitable for strong and bold tastes, but also perfect for softer and daintier flavours: the oils of Frantoio Bartolomei are born from our passion for work and love for our land.


With its fruity flavour and the right balance between sweet and spicy notes, the D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil. Diamante contains all the character of Umbrian lands.

Selezione Pregiata

With clear hints of olive and herbaceous notes, Selezione Pregiata is the extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio Bartolomei that gives the palate soft and light sensations.


Obtained from a single variety of olives that changes every year, Monocultivar is an extra virgin olive oil with a strong personality and a unique taste.

Olio Nuovo

With a full character and a lively and intense taste, Olio Nuovo is the first extra virgin olive oil of the season.


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