Diamante Dop Umbria

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The Prince of the dish, for those who love flavours being rich in character

Suitable for bruschetta or to be used raw on carpaccios and salads, to fully enjoy its structured, balanced and always dainty taste, thanks to a minimised acidity.

With its fruity flavour and the right balance between sweet and spicy notes, the D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil. Diamante encloses all the taste of Umbrian lands.
 Our processing gives to Diamante oil a persistent scent and an intense taste of freshly picked olives, which gives the best if tasted raw.
 Moreover, thanks to the cold extraction of our olives, Diamante oil preserves at its best its nutritional properties, thus guaranteeing a high quality level.

Annata 2020

Technical data sheet

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Cultivar: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio
Harvest: Manual and mechanical in October
Extraction: Cold
Acidity: 0,26
Peroxides: 4,9
Polyphenols: 455
Colour: Bright green
Taste: Strong – Bitter and spicy
Scent: Intense – Fruity green
Use: Raw. Simple dishes that enhance its flavour
Perfect pairings: Bruschette, salads, barbecued meats, tartare
Bibenda’s review: 3 drops.
“Good and very precious oil”- IL TEMPO 08-08-2010.

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