Selezione Pregiata



The dainty pairing with traditional cuisine

Fragrant, soft and light: this is the sensation the palate feels with Selezione Pregiata extra virgin olive oil.
With clear hints of olive and light herbaceous notes, Selezione Pregiata is the perfect condiment in our Mediterranean diet. Its versatile profile makes it suitable for both strong flavours and the daintiest aromas. Being perfect to enhance the taste of dishes without overshadowing their flavours, Selezione Pregiata oil lets them be the real protagonists of a genuine and healthy cuisine.

Annata 2020

Technical data sheet


Cultivar: Leccino, Frantoio, Other varieties
Harvest: Manual and mechanical in November
Extraction: Cold
Acidity: 0,29
Peroxides: 6,5
Color: Green with hints of yellow
Taste: Balanced – Artichoke aftertaste
Scent: Intense – Fruity green
Use: For cooking or raw on tasty dishes
Perfect pairings: Bruschette, soups, legumes, sauces